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smart ideas
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simple truths

At Frontier, we pride ourselves on developing smart solutions for our clients.

Working collaboratively, we use our intelligence to understand the challenge. Simple language to define it. Then our passion, expertise and resourcefulness to solve it.

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you must acknowledge where you've come from to know where you're going

In March 1998, we launched Frontier to bring innovative ideas, unmatched service and great results to our clients - both in media and creative. Whilst much has changed since those early days, a lot has stayed the same.

To this day, we remain an independent, Australian-owned, full service agency. Our founders are still involved in running our business. And we're just as committed to our clients today as we were way back when we started.

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sometimes, the hardest thing to see is what's right in front of your eyes

We love a good challenge. We love to innovate, to create, to poke and prod. But most of all, we love to strip away the unnecessary layers to reveal the core truths underneath. Because if a truth inspires us, we believe it will do the same for your customers.

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we only employ people we'd like to work with

Our philosophy is simple. If we like working with someone, chances are you will too. That’s why, along with their proven talent, we look for bright, enthusiastic and happy people who’ll add the same energy to our clients’ business as they do to ours. It’s perhaps also the reason so many of our clients and staff have been with us for so long.

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we're not a media or creative agency

We're one company offering expertise in both - all under the one roof.

Our integrated approach and innate understanding of both disciplines allows us to deliver real results for clients, whether we’re providing media services, creative services or both.


you can tell a lot about a business by the company it keeps

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we're happy to let our work do the talking

It means we can concentrate on what we do best – producing TV ads, developing strategic comms plans, taking new products to market and helping our clients through the ever-changing digital landscape. Click for a small taste of our work.

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it costs nothing to talk

If you’d like to hear more, we’ll happily shout you a coffee.

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